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Alex Buell (
Mon, 04 May 1998 13:53:17 -0400

Simon's Mailing List Account wrote:

> The system configs were only a little out of the ordinary... the Asus
> P65UP8 motherboard is *fast*. (I know that particular dual pro system
> eventually had a DPT RAID board, though I don't know if it had it for
> the kernel compile) (I was in the process of helping a family member
> order a rather large system from Rick). Considering that a K6/233
> can get a kernel compile of around 3 minutes on a 96MB system
> with IDE drives (Asus P55T2P4 board), I'd say his times are
> quite reasonable.

I'm currently looking at Asus's P65UP5 (not the one above). Has anyone
had favourable experiences with this motherboard? - it's a dual
processor system capable of taking processor cards (either Pentiums or
Pentium Pros) - how much can I expect to shell out for this, and for the
CPUs? (I've been stuck long enough with a 486DX/100 for 3 years now!) I
like this system primarily because I can carry over my 72pin SIMMs and
it has 8 slots.


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