Re: web based kernel compile

Pavel Machek (
Mon, 4 May 1998 18:57:18 +0200


> > > I am thinking seriously of doing a web/eMail based forms interface to kernel
> > > compilation. The idea would be if you wanted to build the latest and greatest,
> > > you'd head over to this web site, fill out the forms (or send an appropriate
> > > .config file) and in a short while, the site would either eMail you your fresh new
> > > kernel or tell you that it is ready and make it available for download.


Web based configurator might be nice: but there's prblem with it: There
are many options that are available only after some other option is

If you don't hide options, it will be pretty messy...

Also, it might be nice to be able t compile kernels for non-i386
machines. It is smetimes pretty hard to get kernel for sparc if you
don't have sparc handy. (Setting up cross-compiler is not *tthat*
hard, but it is not really easy.)


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