Re: Serial port overruns in 2.1.9x?

Etienne Lorrain (
Mon, 4 May 1998 17:20:25 +0001

> I also get the 'TCPv4 bad checksum' messages, and my PPP throughput is
> also dramatically lower in 2.1.9x than with 2.0.33 or 2.1.89 (FTP
> transfers at around 1.4K/sec vs. 3.2K/sec over a 28.8 modem).
> I've also noticed, however, that when using rz and sz to send files
> to/from my shell account, I get massive CRC errors with 2.1.9x, which I
> don't get if I reboot with 2.0.33... which would seem to indicate that
> there are serial port overruns going on with 2.1.9x which aren't there in
> 2.0.33.


Result of "cat /proc/tty/serial/drivers" after the PPP ?
Enable interrupt on IDE access "hdparm -s /dev/xxx"
(re-check with man hdparm) ?
CRC error : did you upgrade netcfg ?

Just my Euro 0.02,
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-- ide1: reset: success
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