Re: Sig11s in a kernel compilation - Cyrix

Thomas Pornin (
Mon, 4 May 1998 14:54:04 +0200


I have a similar problem with a 6x86MX-200. I get a reproductible signal 6
on a compilation of a file of the LiDIA math library. I could do this
on all 6x86MX machine I could find (namely three different Linux boxes).
It always fails on the same file. It happens with gcc-2.8.1, gcc-
(from RedHat) and the modified gcc you there mention:

>TRANS.TBL gcc-c++-
>gcc- gcc-objc-

Is this some known gcc problem on 6x86MX ? Is there an available fix
somewhere ?

Maybe it is related to the fact I use glibc ? (These are RedHat 5.0 systems)

--Thomas Pornin

PS: this is a bit offtopic on linux-kernel, as these 6x86MX never failed
to compile a kernel.

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