Re: 2.1.98 link freezes --> 2.1.99 machine locks up

Pavel Machek (
Mon, 4 May 1998 13:58:24 +0200


> When my desk workstation ( was runing
> Linux 2.1.~75-2.1.98 a direct telnet session from my home notebook
> computer (adamhome) to my desk workstation would sometimes freeze
> for about ten minutes and then finally close with an error like
> "connection reset by peer." During this time, I could make other
> directly telnet connections, but those connections seemed to freeze
> much more easily if one connection was already frozen. The freezes
> always occurred when at least one screenful of data was in the process
> of being sent from my desk workstation to my home notebook computer.
> Note that rlogin connections would freeze as often as telnet connection,
> but I never had an any other type of connection freeze, such as FTP,
> although I use such connections very rarely.

Seems like MTU problem for me. What does ping -s 30000 say?


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