Re: Dual PCI bus in 2.0.x - supported?

Martin Mares (
Mon, 4 May 1998 12:49:49 +0200


> there's been some talk recently about patching 2.1.9x to support dual PCI
> busses. Does this mean that the 2.0.x series doesn't support it? If so,
> I might be in trouble... I've just ordered a dual PII-333 Dell server
> which has dual PCI 2.1 busses on it. This machine is to become our core
> mail, news, dns server for my network, and so I want to run a relatively
> stable server (it's replacing an aging Sun Sparc 5 which hasn't crashed
> for over year).
> Am I going to have to risk the development series on a core server?
> Or will I be lucky....!
> In the worst case, could I install a 2.0.x series and run it with a single
> bus (cards on the second not recognised) ??

Dual PCI busses should run fine with 2.0.x kernels as they locate PCI devices
using the PCI BIOS which of course should handle the dual bus case. Since 2.1.9x
we try to access the hardware directly in order to circumvent PCI BIOS bugs.
Anyway, in 2.0.x /proc/pci will show only the first bus.

> The PCI Howto hasn't been updated for over a year and just mentions PCI 2.1
> as "forthcoming" :-(

Is anyone maintaining the PCI Howto these times?

> The new machine will arrive on Friday and I'm possibly going to look a
> total fool if I'm not careful :-(

If you will have some free time, can you also try running the first 2.1
kernel Linus releases (containing the dual PCI bus patches) and send me
all PCI-related boot messages and output of `lspci -vvx'? I'm interested in
whether does it work on the Dell server or not...

Have a nice fortnight

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