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Roger Gammans (
Mon, 4 May 1998 10:21:09 +0100

In article <>, Dancer
<> writes
>Well, I had some finally had some success with the EQL driver, and
>getting rid of the bug. I spent a couple hours at the machine hub and
>rewrote the whole queue handling/scheduling code. It's messy, and ugly
>and nasty, but it _works_. No more forgetting that slaved devices exist.

What were the symtom's, I've just starting to test it here and when I
enslave ppp devices, I get 'Unable to handle kernel paging request' from
inside kfree. (on vanilla 2.1.98) - Sometimes they can talk a while to
apppear you need to use the fs.

The call backtrace seems to take it through the fs code, either close
file handle or clearing dentry's which is a little removed from the EQL
code. I hope to look at it some more later this week. Its odd because
otherwise 2.1.98 is stable on my UP machine (Abit TX5 board, 6x86MX,
16MB ram)

>Once I've got it tidied up, and improved the scheduler I'll throw it at
>people, and if it's ugliness doesn't turn them away, what say we fold it
>in as the working version?

Could do, I'd like to make use of it in by bandwidth on demand service.
So while your at it is there any chance you can add some code to mantain
total_load & total_priority.


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