Re: MIDI support excluded (actually ESS1688 vs ESS drivers)

Peter Swain (
Mon, 4 May 1998 17:33:06 +1000 (EST)

i'll check when i get home in a few hours
[should have home box dial work to check, but i haven't got the
dtmf-aware inittab stuff going yet...]

from memory, my clone identifies as a ESS1688 or ESS1868 (dunno which)
and seems to work perfectly with sb.o after bios pnp-configures it to its
preferred defaults (defaults for sb16, too).

but the long-stand config confusion is still there in sound config....
+ you must use mpu401 (or is it uart401) module too.
+ dunno whether this should be done for real sb16, or some clones, or wot,
but this confused me. ESS16[68|86|88|??] seems to need it; whereas the prompt
sez "not for SB16".

can some genuine SB16 owner, or someone with deeper knowledge of sb-culture
please explain this point? if it has come up in a recent faq, i've missed it.
we probably need a line in the sound/, but i don't know what it
should say!

> In article <6ijj0m$ssm$> you wrote:
> > the ESS1688 is a SB16 compatible, hence the "ESS1688 option" *is* SB,
> do you mean it's compatible with SB16 ? does it work with the driver?

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