Re: web based kernel compile

Chris Wedgwood (
Mon, 4 May 1998 18:31:50 +1200

Had a similar idea myself at one point - the trouble is that it takes wads
and wads of CPU to compile a kernel with lots of options. If the demand
became to high you might want to consider making this working via a network
of machines and volunteered CPU cycles.

Also, you want to make sure its not abused, i.e. I compile a kernel with
everything and have you mail it to or


On Mon, May 04, 1998 at 02:20:22PM +0800, Raj Dutt wrote:
> I suppose this may be _slightly_ off topic, but I could not think of a better
> audience to get pertainant responses - my apologies if any of you find this
> offensively in the wrong mailing list :P
> I am thinking seriously of doing a web/eMail based forms interface to kernel
> compilation. The idea would be if you wanted to build the latest and greatest,
> you'd head over to this web site, fill out the forms (or send an appropriate
> ..config file) and in a short while, the site would either eMail you your fresh new
> kernel or tell you that it is ready and make it available for download.
> The advantages would be
> [1] for slower machines like 386/486es, where local compiles take several hours,
> this could be a major time saver
> [2] for machines which have a slow net connection, downloading multiple diffs /
> downloading the 10M+ kernels can be quite painful
> [3] The convenience factor - no high loads on your machine.
> What are the core-kernel-communities opinions on such a service? (It would be
> totally free .. source code to the scripts would probably be GPL'ed).
> Machine would be a Dual Pentium II - 350 / 256 MB which I will (hopefully) be
> buying this summer which will be at (which has some fairly decent bandwith)
> Thanks for your time,
> Best Regards,
> Raj Dutt
> aka nopzor
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