Re: MIDI support excluded (actually ESS1688 vs ESS drivers)

Peter Swain (
Mon, 4 May 1998 13:08:20 +1000 (EST)

> Speaking of ESS1688 drivers....I don't know if anyone else has this
> problem, but I've always believed that that card has to be the worse to
> get to work in Linux. I have never had any luck with compiling the ESS
> drivers and getting them to work.....They compile fine, but don't
> work...the only thing that works is the SoundBlaster compatible. Does
> anyone know why the ESS1688 option won't work for an ESS1688 card, at
> least on my system, it don't?!

AFAIK, the ESS drivers are for some other (more $$$??) ESSxxxx cards.
the ESS1688 is a SB16 compatible, hence the "ESS1688 option" *is* SB,
and the ESS driver is not for you (or me, i tried, too).

read the ESS source, no 1688 mentioned.

this is all off the top of my rain-soaked head, maybe 1688 isn't the card
i have, but the search-for-native-driver befuddlement sounds familiar.

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