Re: New pre-patch (Re: [PATCH] kswapd fully sysctl tunable)

Mark Orr (
Sun, 03 May 1998 18:50:56 -0500 (CDT)

On 03-May-98 David S. Miller wrote:
> Are you absolutely sure you haven't changed one thing in your
> configuration between 2.1.99 and pre-100?

I was getting the exact same error as the original poster, and
did not change anything in my configuration between 2.1.99 and
.100. Also, I'm not on RH5, but I am on glibc-2.0.7

> I did some research and checked out the ppp-2.3.[34] release.
> The error code you are seeing being printed out is the signature error
> that a pppd will get without the fix mentioned in ppp.txt So I went
> and checked if the fix is in the latest ppp-2.3.4, it is not. ;-(
> The problem is that PPPD wants to setup a default route over an
> interface which is not up, ppp-2.3.4 still does this and returns an
> error. Look in ppp-2.3.*/pppd/sys-linux.c:sifdefaultroute(), change
> it to return 1 even if ioctl() returns an error.
> Does PPP now work for you with that change?

I made the change you suggested (a couple of different ways) -- and
it didnt help. But later I found that it was NOT the one
the ioctl in sifdefaultroute that was the problem...

it was the one in sifaddr() ... there's a similar set of lines there,
and I changed the return to a 1 -- it still barks out the "network
down" message, but it makes the ppp connection and it works. I'm
using it right now.

Mark Orr

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