Re: 2.1.98 link freezes --> 2.1.99 machine locks up

Adam J. Richter (
Sun, 3 May 98 16:31 PDT

>There is nothing in the current 2.1.pre100 networking which should
>ever cause a total lockup, I stress the code pretty heavily on
>multiple platforms, so I'd imagine I'd see any really bad lockups
>before anyone else. So let's not jump to TCP stack conclusions for
>the moment.

>Instead, what sort of networking card do you use in this machine, and
>is it SMP?

>David S. Miller

The ethernet cards in both my desktop workstation and the
server with the modems on it are from NetGear and use the DEC tulip
chip (with the tulip.o driver). The ethernet runs at 100mbps.
Both machines are uniprocessors running SMP kernels where
everything that can be a module is (except for the initial ramdisk
and romfs which are used to bootstrap everything else).

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