Re: bttv and MATROX (fwd)

Steve Dunham (
03 May 1998 18:39:44 -0400

Nomad the Wanderer <> writes:

> Anyone know why I'm not getting anywhere with mine?

> I have the WinTV card, XFree86, and a Diamond Stealth 3000 (4meg).

> I'm still only getting a black screen.

One idea: the drivers print a few numbers when they are loaded; if you
see some occurences of "ff", it may be that your card's MMIO is not
being enabled. When I got my card, I had this problem until I told my
BIOS that I did _not_ have a PnP OS. (But this ended up breaking my
sound card...)

(I've only used the 4.3 drivers. The one time I tried the 5.0 driver,
it couldn't agree with my X server about were the video memory was.)


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