Re: kernel performance degradation & first benchmarks

Matjaz Breskvar (
Sun, 03 May 1998 23:05:11 +0200


Here are the first results comparing the performance
of 2.1.99 kernel relative to 2.0.33. Benchmark used was
SSBA 1.21E as proposed by Andreas Haumer.

Maybe it would be useful to put together a script which
would compare the results of tests made on different kernels.
Than with every new kernel release the performance diffs
between 2.0.33, and last two development kernels could be
sent to the mailing list. This way it would be quite clear
if development is really giving us faster and better kernels.
(If the idea is usefull please let me know)

Anyway here are attached the first results,... For exact
description of tests look in documentation of SSBA
(it can be found <>,
Andreas Haumer's page)


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