Re: Asymmetric multiprocessing?

Simon Richter (
Sun, 03 May 1998 11:39:02 +0200 wrote:

> Think of them as a kind of a cluster in a box. Communication mechanisms
> like DIPC and networks then all collaps into shared memory and interrupts.
> A concept like that can even deal with processors running different operating
> systems like Amiga/68k + Linux/PPC.

> Memory bus congestion is probably
> going to be a serious problems since those card have not been designed with
> the memory bandwith to supply both cpus.

Well, the standard amiga bus cannot even supply the ppc alone, so these wise men
added special ppc-only memory on the ppc card.

> For above configuration I'd say ignore the '020. It just produces very
> serious congestion of the memory bus on the motherboard.

Not if it runs within the so-called "fast" memory... :-) It still needs the
"chip" memory bus when accessing the hardware, but that shouldn't really cause
serious trouble (as the bus is clocked twice the processor's clock).

However, this only goes for the amiga. any other configuration behaves really
truly differently. :-)


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