Re: insmod question

Albert D. Cahalan (
Sun, 3 May 1998 14:51:42 -0400 (EDT)

Rik van Riel writes:
> On Sun, 3 May 1998, Krzysztof G. Baranowski wrote:
>> As far as I know one day, the DOSEmu folks wrote an insmod
>> which was using for resolving module symbols.
> You really don't want this code, since a lot of people
> (read: actual users) don't keep the around,
> or boot a kernel that is another version.
> You _do_ want to use /proc/ksyms however...
> You should take a look at how insmod does these things.
> The file is just too unreliable.

The file is required for correct /bin/ps operation.
There is not enough information in /proc/ksyms. isn't
even accurate after the initdata is freed, is it? Without good
and reliable information, the WCHAN column can be bogus.

It would be very good to fix this. Many other unix systems put
the whole symbol table in the kernel. We should do that too.
With compression, I get a 46kB map file.

Minimal improvment would be a unique ID that could be used to
check for mismatch. The latest experimental ps can check the
version only, nothing more. People that compile multiple kernels
with the same version number could have undetected troubles.

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