Re: what's this error message?

David Fries (
Sat, 2 May 1998 14:27:38 -0500

On Sat, May 02, 1998 at 01:26:52AM -0400, Jon Lewis wrote:
> The system in question has at bootup, it has quite a bit of
> free memory to use for disk buffers. It is a little disconcerting though
> to see a server sit apparently idle for several minutes while e2fsck
> thinks things over. Perhaps e2fsck could print a "." every X seconds just
> so you know stuff is happening and don't reach for the reset button
> thinking it locked up.

I added `sulogin -t 600 /dev/tty8` as one of the first things that runs on
startup. If the system looks like it died before logins are issued I can
hit alt-F8 login and see what is going on. If your case you could login
mount proc and watch top to be sure e2fsck is still running. I also have
128 megs of ram and a 2 gig partition as the biggest. The last time on
bootup it needed to be checked, I don't remember ever thinking it might be
locked up. At least I don't remember long pauses. But then again my
partition is only 2 gigs.

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