Re: what's this error message?

Nomad the Wanderer (
Sat, 2 May 1998 13:12:25 -0600

> > > It seems mostly harmless...and I don't worry about it when I see these
> > > anymore. Occasionally, there really is damage, and e2fsck (1.10) can take
> > > quite a number of minutes to scan/repair a 3gb fs. Last time it happened,
> > > there were very long pauses with no disk activity making me worry the
> > > system might have locked up.
> > >
> > Consider yourself lucky. This basically means that all the metadata e2fsck
> > needs are already read in, and e2fsck is currently gazing at them, trying
> > to find some of those nasty errors for you.
> >
> > If you pull some memory out of the box you probably wouldn't get a quiet
> > phase there, but your e2fsck run would take twice as long, at least.
> The system in question has at bootup, it has quite a bit of
> free memory to use for disk buffers. It is a little disconcerting though
> to see a server sit apparently idle for several minutes while e2fsck
> thinks things over. Perhaps e2fsck could print a "." every X seconds just
> so you know stuff is happening and don't reach for the reset button
> thinking it locked up.

I have a P2 with 256Megs of ram and a coupld of 4Gig drives in it.
I agree that a few . or some derivitive would be a nice add on for keeping
us from worring that the box has locked.

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