Installing new kernels and 2.1.99 problem.

Nomad the Wanderer (
Sat, 2 May 1998 08:05:39 -0600

I'm installing 2.1.99 today. It worked beautifully on my P150 Laptop.
However, building it on my Dual-P2 It dies. I get something along the lines
of "can not open console" and then "no init found" and dies. They are basically
the same except with some additional drivers such as scsi, bttv and leaving
in SMP. I didn't change any of the "character device" options and such. It's
also basically the same config as is working with my 2.1.97 kernel.

Next part. I can't use "make zilo" from what I understand. I don't
immediately install my kernels into "production". A new kernel is put as
/boot/vm.test and label=test so I can run it for a few days before I blow
away my old one. As a result, I'm manually copying
arch/i386/boot/[zImage|bzImage] to /boot/vm.test and then doing the modules.
Am I missing something like the system map? I hunted around and couldn't find
any such file in the source tree. Anyone kow?

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