/dev/loop* problem

Smilax Rotundifolia (smilax@mindmeld.dyn.ml.org)
Sat, 2 May 1998 10:29:24 -0400 (EDT)

I have addressed this problem earlier, with no useful responses and no
fixes have been made so far.

I created a file called "swapdisk" using dd that read from /dev/zero and
was forty-eight megabytes. In my rc.local, I added the following lines:

losetup /dev/loop7 /usr/local/etc/swapdisk
swapon /dev/loop7

This worked fine under 2.0.xx. However, since I began using 2.1.xx, I
found I was hard locked all the time. I noticed that the message telling
me the swapdisk existed did not appear before the crash, so I changed it

swapon /usr/local/etc/swapdisk

This worked fine. Under 2.0.xx, I could do both to get a 96 megabyte
swapdisk. However, any use of losetup/swapon as I did under 2.1.xx seems
to crash it. I have tried 2.1.94 through 2.1.99.

Anyone out there willing to get this fixed up before 2.2.0 gets out?

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