Kernel 2.1.99 and kmod and ppa

Michael Guntsche (
Sat, 02 May 1998 15:27:18 +0200


I noticed following strange problem with kmod and the PPA devices.
After modularizing alle the scsi components (scsi_mod,sd_mod,ppa) and
restarting the computer mounting the iomega would only install the
scsi_mod and the sd_mod module.

my conf_modules file that worked with kerneld and the 2.0.xx kernels

block-char-major-8 sd_mod
install sd_mod insmod -k ppa && insmod -k sd_mod


block-char-major-8 ppa
post-install ppa insmod -k sd_mod

doesnt semm to work with kmod.
Using my iomega fairly often I decided to put all the scsi stuff in the
kernel except for the ppa module.
Here I get another problem. Mounting the zip for the first time works.
The ppa module gets installed and the zip gets mounted. If I try to
mount the device a second time - meanwhile I unmounted the device and
the ppa module was freed - I get a /dev/zip non valid block-device
Doing an lsmod shows me that the ppa module wasnt loaded automatically.
insmod -k ppa still works.

I dont have problems with other module its just the SCSI-ppa combo that
gives me problems.

BTW, im using the lates modutils 2.1.85


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