Re: Kernel 2.1.99 panics at boot

Adam J. Richter (
Sat, 2 May 1998 04:49:07 -0700

In article <> you write:
> 2.1.99 panics at bootup on my system with:

The new Memory Type Range Register (MTRR) support in 2.1.99
crashes all non-686 machines compiled when the kernel is compiled with
SMP=1 defined (the default), due to a misplaced ifdef in the
mtrr_init() routine in arch/i386/kernel_mtrr.c. From your choice of
CPU in the kernel configuration, I am guessing that you are running on
an non-i686 processor. Apply Richard Gooch's mtrr-v1.19 patch against
pristine 2.1.99 that he posted to this list earlier today or simply
reconfigure the kernel to build without MTRR. From the documentation,
it appears that MTRR is a feature found only on i686 CPU's anyhow.

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