2.1.9x lockups when changing video mode

Carl Thompson (clip@home.net)
Sat, 02 May 1998 05:48:54 -0400

I have found a bug(?) in the new PCI code in kernels >= 2.1.93. I have an
ASUS SP97-V motherboard with a built in video card. However, I use a
STB Velocity 3D (S3 Virge/VX) plugged into a PCI slot instead. Normally, the
motherboad's manual suggests leaving the motherboad's jumpers set to enable
the onboard video because the BIOS will detect the card in the PCI slot and
disable the onboard. In, this way, it is not necessary to set any jumpers to
use another video card- just plug it in. This setup works fine with
DOS/Windoze and Linux versions <= 2.1.92, but with 2.1.93 and above, switching
video modes causes a complete hard lock of the system. Nothing responds and
nothing is sent to syslog or the console (I redirected the console to a serial
terminal.) Even the SysReq sequence does not work. Setting the motherboard's
jumpers to manually disable the onboard video corrects this problem. The
manual implies that having to manually set these jumpers is only required for
broken OSs.

I have two points:

1. ASUS motherboards are very common and very good. It is probably a good
idea if Linux supports its out-of-the-box configuration.

2. Linux 2.0.x works correctly, so 2.2.x probably should, too.


Carl Thompson

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