Re: varlinks! (and 2.1.98 works for me)

Jason McMullan (
2 May 1998 05:06:54 GMT

Ok. As I understand it, the `varlink' idea has brought up
due to the difficulties of /tmp. What about this: modifying
the VFS such that if a directory is `sticky' AND is not
readable by others (and/or group), these semantics would occur:

1) All a non-root user sees in /tmp is _his_ files.
No one else's.

2) Root can see all user's files in /tmp, but they are all
prefixed by UID - ie /tmp/675.lprA678BFED Normal users
wouldn't see the prefixes - just root.

How about it? It would just be a matter of modifying open(),
readdir(),readlink(),unlink(), and rename() on the sticky case.

Anybody with exploits of this concept?

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