Re: Why is HZ on an Alpha 1024?

Perry Harrington (
Fri, 1 May 1998 09:31:08 -0700 (PDT)

> Perry Harrington wrote:
> >
> > I have a 166Mhz UDB, and the machine is doggish. I had the
> > thought of chaning Hz to be 100, like in the PC. The Rubini
> > book states that the higher the HZ, the more interrupt overhead
> > you incurr...I've got a SLOW Alpha. Would this help the Alpha?
> > Why was 1024 chosen by the Kernel Gods???
> The alpha, and even your UDB is perfectly capable of handling 1024
> interrupts per second. (I benchmarked a lowsy (ISA) Pentium 120 to
> do around 120k interrupts per second).

Yeah, but why is it 1024 when the x86 is 486 performs just like
my P233 at everyday stuff, however the alpha just seems like it's slugging
along, and I know it could be faster.

> Your box feels sluggish because of the video card.

Ain't using the video card...Network connectivity only.

> Your box performs LOTS better if you have enough cache installed.

Unfortunately I've got a VX40...hardwired everything...256K cache.

> Roger.

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