2.1.98 on ThinkPad 380XD,AccelX 4.1 and fvwm-2.0.46

Fri, 1 May 1998 15:09:10 +0000

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Two quick things:

a) when 2=2E1=2E98 compiled as SMP it fails to boot on ThinkPad 380XD
(233MHz) but after commenting SMP in Makefile it booted fine=2E
It fails before SMP initialization in start_kernel() because I put a
debugging printk() in there and I never got it=2E When booting from
floppy I get "Loading=2E=2E=2E=2E=2E" (lot more dots) and then reboot=2E
Anyway, it is not a problem because anyone in the right mind would not
use SMP kernel on a UP laptop=2E ;)

b) I had to recompile fvwm-2=2E0=2E46 because FvwmPager (compiled with
2=2E0=2E32) did not work=2E So, maybe it is worth listing this fact
somewhere? Btw, I am running AccelX 4=2E1 on ThinkPad which means the X
libraries are NOT the XF86 ones=2E


PS=2E Please ignore the legal/commercial b=2Es=2E that follows - I have
nothing to do with it and I won't use this email address for much
longer=2E Thank you=2E

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