Re: varlinks! (and 2.1.98 works for me)

Pavel Machek (
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 09:33:47 +0200


> > I tell at to run job /tmp/program. Tmp in fact is symlink to
> > /.tmp/${UID}. At checks that I have privileges to /tmp/program, and
> > places '/tmp/program' in some kind of list of things to do.
> >
> > Some time later, cron looks, and sees that luser cracker wants to exec
> > /tmp/program. But, due to some things, /tmp is no longer pointer to
> > /.tmp/crackeruid, it is pointer to /.tmp/gooduid. But cron does not
> > know that. Cron does not check permissions, now. It already done
> > so. So it executes /tmp/program. But it executes _other_, potentially
> > secret, /tmp/program.
> Any program that falls for this kind of problem ALREADY HAS a security
> problem: anything can have changed "/tmp/program". It could have been
> simply a symlink pointing here (access allowed) or there (no access
> allowed).

Ook, but if program did check right before read (but changed UID in
progress), than we used to have hard-to-exploit-race. Now we have
cleanly exploitable bug.

I'm not sure if this is issue or not.

> I still don't see how varlinks reduce security.

They probably do not except corner cases.


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