Bug Report in 2.1.9x

TiM (tim@police.tas.gov.au)
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 04:12:27 +0000


Over the past few weeks I've noticed that my PC will lock up totally.
It's been bothering me, though not a lot, as this is just a muck around
machine, not a production one.

Today, while copying a large file, the machine did locked again. When it
locks, it is totally unresponsive. No ping, nothing. Can't change VT's
or anything. Anyway, it locked today while copying this file, so I hit
the tit and after an fsck, tried to copy the file again. Bang, it
locked again.

I thought it might be the way hdparm was set (it's set to full
everything), but disabling that made no difference.

What I noticed, after a kernel recompile or 2 is that the Generic IDE
DMA support is the cuprit. Once I turned this off, I was able to copy
the file etc, and everything's fine. Also, the machine is back to 100%
stability. It must only be a small bug, as my machine had achieved some
good uptimes before.

Prehaps this can account for the lockups some people have reported under
heavy load?

My machine:

AMD K6 200
Spacewalker HOT-603 M/B (With AMD 640 Chipset)
2 x 32Meg DIMMS
2.1g Quantum Bigfoot
Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 Pro PCI Video Card

If you'd like anymore info, please feel free to mail me. I'll be happy
to help.

Keep up the good work!


Tim Harman

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