Re: linux 2.1.98 sound timeouts

Dave Harden (
Tue, 28 Apr 1998 14:08:37 +0000

>>"Sound: DMA (output) timed out - IRQ/DRQ config error?"
>>I am *sure* the IRQ is set correctly and it does work in every kernel
>>version < 2.1.88 or so.
>>I suspect there is an error closing the device after inital play, yet
>>don't know enough about sound drivers to fix it.
>>Could someone else please confirm that this is a kernel error, and if
>>suggest some fixes?
>>I'm willing to test any patches.

>I also see this behaviour on any recentish 2.1.x kernels (I don't know
>exactly when it started, though. I would suspect about the same as
>the above, since the symptoms are exactly the same). I am currently on

>2.0.pre34pl11b because of this, but I'd love to go back to 2.1.x with
>all of the wonderful new features :-)

Not sure if you guys caught it, but I made some posts about this a
couple of days ago. I also have an old creative SB16 and get the same
errors that you do. I had a couple of people email me and let me know
that this was a known problem in the recent kernels.


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