RE: faster strcpy()

Mikael Klasson (
Tue, 28 Apr 1998 10:04:21 +0200

> Cache Clearup Time(tm).
> Pentium has 16K (2x8K), IIRC
> P5MMX has 32K (2x16K), IIRC
> K5 has 16K (2x8K), IIRC
> K6 has 64K (2x32K), IIRC
> Cx6x86 has 32K (1x32K (Unified Cache IS Faster(tm)))
> Cx6x86MX has 64K (1x64K)
> PentiumII varies. I believe Celerons have no internal cache, relying
> entirely on the L2. Xeon I don't remember offhand. I'm not a Wintel kinda
> guy. :)

Pentium II cpus have 2*16K L1 cache. Celerons have no _L2_ cache.


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