Re: shared memory deallocation
Sun, 26 Apr 1998 22:54:46 -0500 (CDT)

And lo, Bevan Schroeder saith unto me:
> Having been raised to be a slacker coder by garbage-collecting UNIX
> environments, I was a bit surprised when linux failed to do anything about
> the shared memory I had allocated for use with XLib.
Because the spec. says it stays around.

> is there anything in /proc or otherwise user-accessible
> that lists shared memory pointers that are currently allocated?
I'd whip up a Perl script to parse the output of the "ipcs" command,
and "ipcrm" offending segments.

> Given a system with malicious users, this seems like a particularly
> attractive DoS attack - sysadmins either have to reboot all the time or
> limit memory allocation, and the latter is unpleasant to do even if it
> works...
If you can't trust someone with root, don't give them an account. If you
need to become expert enough to break that rule and expect to get away
with it, linux-kernel isn't the fount of that particular wisdom.


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