SunOS emulation in the recent kernels
Sun, 26 Apr 1998 13:17:47 +0300 (IDT)

I have just tried the recent 2.1.x kernels (2.1.97 on the modified RedHat 4.2
and 2.1.95 on the stock ultra-sparc 1.0.9). It appears that the SunOS emulation
has changed from that observed with the 2.0.x kernels and described in the docs
on vger site. With the 2.0.x kernels, when being run, a SunOS binary would
chroot to the /usr/gnemul/sunos directory, where it would search for dev files
(if available), libraries and dynamic loader. All directory and file entries of
the root (/) filesystem would be visible to a SunOS program if they did not
exist in /usr/gnemul/sunos. That behavior corresponded to that described in the

With the 2.1.x kernels (at least with the latest ones), this behavior was
changed. A SunOS binary no longer looks for its libs and dynamic loader in
/usr/gnemul/sunos, nor it does chroot to /usr/gnemul/sunos. Adding
/usr/gnemul/sunos/usr/lib to the search library path does not solve the problem,
and a SunOS binary will run only if SunOS's libc and are in /usr/lib. I
would like to post a request to the developers: Please, consider reverting to
the old behavior. It was rather convinient when all SunOS programs and libs were
in a dedicated directory. It also made possible the isntallation of whole
packages that depended on certain SunOS binaries being installed in a certain
place (an example could be a package that requires SunOS sh under /bin/sh; it
would be effectively placed under /usr/gnemul/sunos/bin/sh and would not
interfere with bash). It would avoid possible cocnflicts, like different /etc
configuraton files for SunOS and linux binaries. It would also be according to
the docs. By the way, thank you for the exellent work done on the Sparc port.

Date: 26-Apr-98
Time: 13:14:19

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