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Mircea Ciocan (
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 22:20:57 +0300

Hi, I downloaded k 2.1.98 and installed on a single P166MMX with 16 Mb
RAM and 2.1 GB IDE, PS2 mouse, 3C509 and S3V2 ( yuck).
Everything is running OK after 3 kernel & other little compiles, no
lock-ups or whatever. Also tested the nfs configured in the old way (
with rpc.nfsd ) and ftp with large files >20 Mb and no prob. yet. Also
mouse works normal in Midnight Commander 4.1.31. Compiler was the
The main reason of all the fuss was to try those very needed and also
very neglected (sp?) TRAFFIC SHAPER and YES, IT WORKS NOW !!! THANKS
Alan and crew.
(Sorry for shouting but I was in a desperate need of such a thingie :).
It was even better than in my wildest dreams, I can even change speed
in a middle of ftp/nfs transfer and no problem !!!
Also if I route a specific host/group alternatively on shaper0,
shaper1 or eth0 the speed is changing accordingly on the fly !!!! with
not the slightest problem.
THIS IS GREAT, guys & grrls but also for the joy to be complete I need
your help with to couple of problems I have when I want to build the
best trafic shaper/slicer for our little 128k sattelite antenna ( I also
found some horrible hacks but PLEASE don't laugh at me I'm just a
beginner and 19, not gurus like you)

Problem 1: When I looked in the source of shaper.c it seems that it
could be 4 shaper interfaces, but after instaling the module I only have
shaper0 and no other, doesn't matter how many times try to load the
module ( it also don't fail on loading ). It is some parameter I must
give on loading to modprobe to have more than shaper0 created or how
could be do it???

Horrible Hack1: I copyed module shaper.o to shaper1.o, modprobed
shaper1 and voila, I have shaper1 device that works ( tested ). I know
IS moronic but I don't found another way but is my first permanent(?)
job and I HAVE to do it :(.

Why nedded 1: My boss want to have many different speed channels on
the same eth interface, I tested shaper0 and shaper1 binded to eth0 and
it works when I change the route on the speed change with no probs.

Also is there a way to have more then 4 shapers, is something in the
kernel which prevents having more then 4 ???? ( VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME)

Problem 2: It is some way to shape traffic in BOTH directions, in the
kernel docs say that is hard but the docs are old, I trace them from
some alfa4 version in 96, is somewhere some new ones or have somebody
worked something??

Horrible Hack 2: ( please don't laugh and help me, is my first job and
I have to finish this thing until May 1 or i'll be fired and there is no
way to found a new job with _150$/month_, I only know a little system
administration, it mabye means nothing to u but is very much for me here
in Romania) So I put 2 ethernets in this box, 2 x 3c509, and binded a
shaper on each one and routing acordingly(sp?), I use one as I/O from
the main feed ( sat antenna ) and one goes to the hub with modem pool
and radio WLAN ( I can now fine tune traffic
in every direction, for every host using a webmin-0.42 module ( ) I made it in a hurry, but I feel it must be
another non-moronic solution.

Why needed 2: Because IP traffic here is EXTREMELY expensive AND the
radio interfaces have a VERY high rate 3 Mb/s and "cut the water" to
those poor guys who log on modems.

Problem 3: Is there some new utility to set up the speed of the
shapers, other than the old one who came packaged with the old version
from ???

Horrible Hack 3: I modified a little the program shapercfg.c and seems
to work but is non-linear and I'm afraid not to broke something because
the utility seemed that was made for 2.0.x kernels.

THE LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT PROBLEM: Did somebody updated the shaper
for stable kernel because I'm afraid to deploy a devel kernel to a
production enviroment, even that now it works well and will have just
some light disk usage mainly for loggin but I'm really terrified after
of what I heared in only 2 days about those 2.1.98 lockings and kernel
faults ??????????

So, at last please excuse me I botherd you with such a long and mabye
irrelevant letter, but I have no other place to ask for help. Thank you
for your time to read and also excuse my English, is alien to me ( if
only I don't design viruses / crak progs in my English class :( )

C U all, Mircea

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