SCSI driver probs, 2.0.34pre10

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I asked this on linux-scsi already, but got no reply. Obviously no one there
felt tempted enough to look at the Linux SCSI implementation ;-) (I _did_
look, but don't understand enough of the SCSI stuff to parse this error)

I am trying to read QIC 80 tapes with a SCSI2 TapeStore 8000R from Seagate.
This works almost fine, but as soon as I put anything besides Travan 4 tapes
into the tape drive (according to the specs, it is read compatible downward
to QIC80 and also should be able to write some of the tapes besides the
original TR4 ones) I get this one

st0: Error with sense data: extra data not valid Current error st09:00: sen=
se key Illegal Request
Additional sense indicates Invalid field in cdb

I am not sure why. I am using a NCR 53c810 (rev 2). All kernels I tested
this with (2.0.30 to .34pre10) show this behaviour.

The next problem I am seeing may be related to this one: (at least I think =

With the QIC 80 tapes, I am having trouble which might be related to the
fact that they have been formatted and used on a floppy streamer using
Conner software & hardware. This one has a known bug which the ftape driver
corrects for (see /usr/src/linux/drivers/char/ftape/ftape-read.c, /Conner/).
I am not sure how to correct for this using a SCSI streamer.

I am grateful for any insight you can provide.

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