recovering from crashed X server ?

B. James Phillippe (
Fri, 6 Mar 1998 13:48:37 -0800 (PST)


I have a 2.0.33 system with an uptime of about 80 days, solid and
running X most of the time. This is a very busy system. Just the other
day, my X server crashed and I lost my text mode. I can telnet in and
restart X (which is what I've done), and have been working on it since.
However, I cannot switch to a text VC out of X, and if I exit X I am left
with a blank screen that powersaves a few seconds later. Otherwise, the
system is normal.
I have looked at restoretextmode, but it recognizes my video card
as an 8bit Oak with 256k of memory (it's actually a Matrox Mill. w/2MB).
Even if restoretextmode was identing my card properly, I don't have a saved
registers file (though I'll try obtaining one if it will fix the problem).
I'd really like to resolve it without rebooting. Is there a way?

I am running Accelerated X 3.1, build 3100.


B. James Phillippe <>
Linux Software Engineer, WGT Inc.

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