PS/2 mouse buzzing resolved & a hint for those who get the same s

Martin Naskovski (
Fri, 6 Mar 1998 12:08:14 -0500

Hello comrades. (well, my country used to be communist, but "not
anymore" ;-).

Some of you may find the following of use if you get the same
type of buzzing, when you move your mouse around while GPM or X is
active, as I was getting on a Gateway 2000, Pentium 133 Mhz, no sound
card, int. speaker only, PS/2 mouse.

A very competent person from the United Kingdom, who seems to
know the intrinsics of Linux(Unix) & Windows '95 and has familiarity
with hardware architecture by the name of Alan
(, not sure about his last name) responded to my
plea that it was the 'HLT' instruction (used to power down the CPU as
much as possible when Linux is in idle state), that was causing the
buzzing when the PS/2 mouse was moved around. When I disabled the 'hlt'
option (no-hlt at boot prompt), the buzzing disappeared at any type of
mouse movement, whether GPM or X.

The only difference between using hlt and not using it, he said,
it'd be power consumption, and that Linux(the CPU, actually) will get
"as hot as" Windows '95 without the HLT instruction being used :->.
Linux performance is not affected whatsoever by using or not using the

Perhaps, it would not be a bad idea if someone updated an FAQ
that is fit for this type of problem, maybe the Mouse faq, to let all
know when they encounter a similar problem to this one(I don't know who
maintains the mouse faq, but I'll try to contact him). I can't help it
that Gateway 2000's machines have poor power units who aren't properly
installed/shielded, and I doubt even if I brought it to their attention
that they would believe me, some unknown Linux user tells them their
computers are not OK ....

The responses I have received from this list have been of immense help.
Thank you and I hope Linux goes on to evolve forever and ever. (I've had
it for 3 years).


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> To: Martin Naskovski
> Subject: Re: More constant buzzing sound from a PS/2 mouse under
> Linux (2.0.33 ) while under 'gpm' or X? *argh*
> Ypu could always detach or cut the wire going to the speaker...
> john alvord
> On Thu, 5 Mar 1998 16:26:18 -0500, Martin Naskovski
> <> wrote:
> >Hi again people, thanks for your interest in my very finicky problem.
> I
> >forgot to mention that I do not have a sound card, and what I got
> from
> >one response is that the mixer levels on Linux are set to maximum
> when
> >booted. Well, if I have no kernel sound configuration whatsoever,
> then
> >how will I disable or completely STIFLE the internal speaker which
> seems
> >to be generating this more than annoying buzz? It's still there when
> I
> >run GPM or X, and gone when I turn them off. What could POSSIBLY
> >Windows 95 do on that same token of handling a PS/2 mouse that Linux
> >cannot? (I am afraid this question might even sound stupid :))
> >
> >Someone help me, 'cause I started dreaming buzzes.. There MUST be
> some
> >intricate reason why it's buzzing in Linux. Can someone provide a
> solve,
> >a program to disable totally any internal speakers I have in my
> Gateway
> >P133. It just kills me how such a halfassed OS like '95 be doing
> >something as stupid as eliminating a buzz and I can't do it in Linux
> >:~(. Thank you.
> >
> >buzzed,
> >Martin
> >p.s. it even looks like that sound's coming off somewhere between my
> >CDROM and Floppy :-), which is probably where this internal speaker
> is
> >located in their vicinity...
> >
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> >> Subject: Re: Constant buzzing sound from a PS/2 mouse under Linux
> >> (2.0.33) while under 'gpm' or X?
> >>
> >> > I'm experiencing the same kind of problems. On my system, the
> >> buzzing seems
> >> > to come from my SoundBlaster. It seems to be when any kind of IRQ
> is
> >> > triggered. It happens at almost the same time as heavy HD access,
> >> sometimes
> >> > with comports (serial mouse/modem), sometimes just all the time
> >> (IRQ0?),
> >> > seemingly a different pitch though..
> >> >
> >> > The same kind of thing happens when Win95 boots up, but after it
> has
> >> > initialized the card, it goes away.
> >>
> >> After init win95 appears to both turn off all the inputs and set
> their
> >> mixer volumes right down and then turn off AGC
> >
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