More constant buzzing sound from a PS/2 mouse under Linux (2.0.33

Martin Naskovski (
Thu, 5 Mar 1998 16:26:18 -0500

Hi again people, thanks for your interest in my very finicky problem. I
forgot to mention that I do not have a sound card, and what I got from
one response is that the mixer levels on Linux are set to maximum when
booted. Well, if I have no kernel sound configuration whatsoever, then
how will I disable or completely STIFLE the internal speaker which seems
to be generating this more than annoying buzz? It's still there when I
run GPM or X, and gone when I turn them off. What could POSSIBLY
Windows 95 do on that same token of handling a PS/2 mouse that Linux
cannot? (I am afraid this question might even sound stupid :))

Someone help me, 'cause I started dreaming buzzes.. There MUST be some
intricate reason why it's buzzing in Linux. Can someone provide a solve,
a program to disable totally any internal speakers I have in my Gateway
P133. It just kills me how such a halfassed OS like '95 be doing
something as stupid as eliminating a buzz and I can't do it in Linux
:~(. Thank you.

p.s. it even looks like that sound's coming off somewhere between my
CDROM and Floppy :-), which is probably where this internal speaker is
located in their vicinity...

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> Subject: Re: Constant buzzing sound from a PS/2 mouse under Linux
> (2.0.33) while under 'gpm' or X?
> > I'm experiencing the same kind of problems. On my system, the
> buzzing seems
> > to come from my SoundBlaster. It seems to be when any kind of IRQ is
> > triggered. It happens at almost the same time as heavy HD access,
> sometimes
> > with comports (serial mouse/modem), sometimes just all the time
> (IRQ0?),
> > seemingly a different pitch though..
> >
> > The same kind of thing happens when Win95 boots up, but after it has
> > initialized the card, it goes away.
> After init win95 appears to both turn off all the inputs and set their
> mixer volumes right down and then turn off AGC

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