TCP panic in 2.0.33

Michael O'Reilly (
05 Mar 1998 19:20:39 +0800

Running 2.0.33 with the debugging patches by alan cox
(2.0.34-debug.tgz) produced this:

skbuff.c line 515, head > data
skb=1e2f2668, head1e2f2018, data=1e2f200e
kernel panic: skpush:under: 1e2f2668:14
In swapper task - not syncing

Unfortunately the __builtin_return addr stuff is rubbish, so I can't
tell you what function called it. :(

I've since changed the panic to be a printk() of the stack, and a
skb->data = skb->head;
as something to at least keep the kernel up instead of crashing.


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