Re: Constant buzzing sound from a PS/2 mouse under Linux (2.0.33) while under 'gpm' or X?
Wed, 4 Mar 1998 22:21:50 -0600 (CST)

And lo, Christopher Butler saith unto me:
> I'm experiencing the same kind of problems. On my system, the buzzing seems
> to come from my SoundBlaster. It seems to be when any kind of IRQ is
> triggered. It happens at almost the same time as heavy HD access, sometimes
> with comports (serial mouse/modem), sometimes just all the time (IRQ0?),
> seemingly a different pitch though..
> The same kind of thing happens when Win95 boots up, but after it has
> initialized the card, it goes away.
Turn down the amplifier on the card, use as short a cable to your speakers
as you can manage, and do as much of the amplification as is practical
with the amp in your speakers (or otherwise with an amp outside your case).

I got the same effect on a 10 MHz XT clone and an original Sound Blaster,
with my headphones--which had a 6', unshielded cord. I could hear disk
accesses and video I/O quite distinctively...


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