ANNOUNCE: Linux-IRC Project

David Limon Romero (
Wed, 4 Mar 1998 23:02:34 -0600 (CST)

Hello List.

A new project started for Linux community, hope someone could help us.
Sorry for my english, I'm too bad as spanish-english translator.
(Sorry if someone subscribed to other list receive the same message)

The description for the project is the following:

Project: Linux-IRC

The main idea is to create an IRC netowrk for Linux, the project born from Mexico Linux User Group, mainly for the necessity for having discussion forums and on-line help, something additional to Linux mailing lists.

Discussion forums are designed for Linux stuff, programming and relationed areas with this Operating System, thus, build specialyzed channels for each subject, ie: #kernel, #admin, #net, #gnu, and more.

Another use for this network, is to teach courses, conferences, meetings for user groups, and more.

Everybody is sincerelly invited to join the project, the idea is that members add a server running an irc daemon, this is to provide a fast access to linux users near to that server.

Now, we have a mailing list, for subscribe, you have to send an email to: with the body: subscribe linux-irc The mailing list is:

Hope someone help us. Thanks in advance

Regards David

David Limon Romero

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