Re: off the topic, Glide/3dfx in linux
Wed, 4 Mar 1998 16:26:46 -0500 (EST)

On 4 Mar 1998, H. Peter Anvin wrote:

> Does Linux GLIDE support Voodoo Rush and/or Voodoo 2?

Currently, no.

This is in the works. For more information you might check out the
3dfx.glide.linux news group over on 3Dfx's news server at

I think I've seen Darryl Strauss (porter and maintainer of Linux
Glide) posting on linux-kernel. Maybe he'll chime in and give you more up
to date information.

As recently as March 1st he had this to say re: Voodoo2 and Rush:

> Right now Voodoo2 isn't supported. I would have been amazed if it
> worked, since I don't have the Voodoo2 code and I didn't think they were
> register compatible.
> 3Dfx promised to get me a board right away. I probably should have
> reminded them sooner. Once I did they said they'd get one right out.
> I don't expect the port to be hard, since it operates very much like the
> Voodoo Graphics. One of the engineers at 3Dfx who did one of their ports
> confirmed that as well. So, my plan is to roll out the updated Glide
> with Rush and Voodoo2 support all at once.
> Speaking of the Rush port, I've been talking to another engineer at 3Dfx
> and we're pretty sure I'm doing all the Rush stuff correctly. At this
> point it seems like my problem is an interaction between the AT3D and
> the Rush. Something isn't set right on the AT3D side of things. So,
> we're trying to get me more documentation and source for that side to
> see what the X server is setting up differently. Slowly we're
> progressing.
> - |Daryll

Jason Boyles <>

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