Re: Sporadious hang on 2.0.3[0,1,2,3,4pre2]

G. Sumner Hayes (
Wed, 4 Mar 1998 13:31:28 -0500

Michael Alan Dorman <> wrote:
> (Alan Cox) writes:
> > > So I posted my complete report and even sent my config file to someone
> > > who was collecting them. At this point in time, NO ONE has addressed any
> > > possible fix for this. Even though we all know it started with 2.0.30
> > > and is still in all newer versions.
> > I've been posting the debugging patches out for ages and everyone with
> > a problem keeps ignoring them. Go dig them out of a deja news archive and
> > see.
> I've spent the last hour trying various queries on dejanews to no
> avail.
> If you could repost those patches, I, at least, will use them on a
> machine I have that is seeing spurious hard hangs.

I can't find them either; I've had these hard hangs and had thought xntpd
was to blame but I've since eliminated it from the local net and just had
another hang.

I'm in the process of switching over to 2.1.x, but if I could get the
debugging patches I'd love to help figure out what the problem in 2.0.x is.


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