Re: Freeze on cat /proc/bus/00/*

Martin Mares (
Wed, 4 Mar 1998 16:10:05 +0100


> Running kernel 2.1.88 on a Cyrix 200MX with 64 meg on an Asus (someone
> threw away the damn box) TX5N with a 430TX chipset.
> I just upgraded today, and was curious about any /proc changes/additions,
> so I looked around, (as a normal user) cd'd into /proc/bus/00 and issued a
> cat *, this locked the machine up. No vc switching, num lock, or network.
> I'm not about to try that again, as my users get pretty irritated when the
> machine randomly reboots... :) But if no one else can reproduce or see
> the problem, I'll investigate further.

It seems that it's the bug in the PIIX4 hanging the system on access to certain
parts of the PCI config space. Can you try to figure out which file in /proc/pci/bus/00
does invoke the crash? [Newer version of the PCI code not yet in the kernel
does circumvent this problem by allowing ordinary users access only to the
standard header.]

Have a nice fortnight

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