Re: Writeable isofs?

H. Peter Anvin (
4 Mar 1998 14:50:11 GMT

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By author: Hans-Joachim Widmaier <>
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> Hi,
> When I used mkisofs the last time, I was wondering whether it
> might be possible (by any chance) to make the isofs read/write.
> That would allow us to format a disk partition of the right
> size as isofs and just create the image there. One could
> always test everything on it.
> Since it (to my knowledge) hasn't been done yet, it looks
> as if it was just not doable. So please tell me if it is so.

Pretty much. The ISO 9660 filesystem is optimized for read-only
access; doing incremental writes to it would be a very expensive
proposition, and one that simply wouldn't work too well. Note you can
still test the image created with mkisofs/mkhybrid before writing it
to disk.


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