Re: IDE still misbehaving in pre-2.1.89-4

Gerhard Koerting (
Wed, 4 Mar 1998 01:43:50 +0100

> there is one thing i can think of, disable_irq() has changed it's behavior
> with the IO-APIC code. Here is a dirty patch that reverts the behavior,
> wondering wether the problems change. (make sure you dont run with this
> patch for too long time, it's slightly incorrect)

No, this patch doesn't make any difference in IDE behaviour.
But I had to boot with 'init=/bin/sh' to do the tests, the system
stopped already during the rc-scripts with this patch...

Can this problem be caused by hardware and/or BIOS ?
All the reports I have seen have been with Gigabyte 586DX boards,
and there have been reports with other boards where IDE seems to work.


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