ncurses problem

Mohan Khurana (
Tue, 3 Mar 1998 17:50:15 -0500 (EST)

Hello all, I'm not part of this list, so I'd appreciate it if all replies
get sent to (or atleast cc'd).

I downloaded the 2.1.88 kernel and I tried to make menuconfig.


There seems to be a problem with the lxdialog companion utility which is
built prior to running Menuconfig. Usually this is an indicator that you
have upgraded/downgraded your ncurses libraries and did not remove the
old ncurses header file(s) in /usr/include or /usr/include/ncurses.

It is VERY important that you have only one set of ncurses header files
and that those files are properly version matched to the ncurses libraries
installed on your machine.

You may also need to rebuild lxdialog. This can be done by moving to
the /usr/src/linux/scripts/lxdialog directory and issuing the
"make clean all" command.

If you have verified that your ncurses install is correct, you may email
the maintainer <> or post a message to
<> for additional assistance.

make: *** [menuconfig] Error 139

I have recently compiled and re-installed a new version of ncurses. I
didn't think it would cause problems however.

/usr/include/ncurses is non-existant. /usr/include/curses.h seems to be
the only file I can find, and I don't see why that would be causing
problems, it seems new to me.

Where do I go from there? Has anyone had this problem before?

Maybe somebody could shed some light on this mess I've gotten myself into.


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