Re: Fwd: Linux console, selection + non-ascii + setfont
Tue, 3 Mar 1998 22:22:04 +0100 (MET)

:: From: Sergei Ivanov <>
:: Subject: Linux console, selection + non-ascii + setfont
:: To:
:: Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 03:31:18
:: This is a bug report (and a quick fix) for the selection code in
:: Linux 2.0.33.
:: I have kbd-0.93 and gpm-1.12 installed. My init scripts do `setfont
:: Cyr_a8x16' (loading Cyrillic Alternative font) and start gpm. I
:: take a file containing some Cyrillic text, load it into an editor
:: that displays 8-bit codes as-is, select some text with the mouse,
:: and paste the selection. It inserts something, but many Cyrillic
:: letters appears replaced by other letters or graphics characters.

Well, maybe nothing is wrong. (Of course I do not like the present
console code at all, but that is a different matter.)

There are several solutions, and we might discuss further
in private email. Maybe most details can also be found in
the documentation that comes with kbd. Note that kbd-0.93
is not the latest version.

I think that if you do echo -e '\033(K' you'll find
that pasting cyrillic works correctly.
(If you never saw such strange escape sequences, see )

(in the probably vain hope that people will spell
my name correctly, let me add: Brouwer)

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