RE: GGI, EGCS/PGCC, Kernel source (amusing thread :)

Jordan Mendelson (
Tue, 3 Mar 1998 14:03:38 -0500

> So we can split the $100000 question in two parts:
> 1. When will there be generic support for graphics consoles in the
> for non-PC architectures?

As soon as EvStacks development slows down. Jason is programming fast and
furious right now making Evstacks a moving target. The problem was that the
complexity of supporting non-x86 architectures without EvStacks wasn't worth
the effort since there would be a whole lot of duplication of work.

EvStacks and GGI are two very good projects heading in the right directions.
There are still bugs which need to be worked out (last I checked, the
automagic /dev/display/graph wasn't working and there is a bug or two in
regards to the first VC vs the rest).

Libggi is something exceptional, an abstraction layer which works over
multiple architectures and platforms. Some of this other stuff they are
trying to put into the GGI distributions is a bit questionable, but it's all
filled with good intentions.

I'm a hardcore believer in not accessing hardware from userspace. Anything
which can crash your machine should be sanitized in the kernel.


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