Re: MacOS file system ?

Michael Schmitz (
Mon, 2 Mar 1998 15:29:23 -0800

At 5:13 PM -0500 3/2/98, Mathew Burrack wrote:
>Gerhard Fuellgrabe wrote:
>> I'm using kernel 2.0.33 at the present time, and I often exchange
>> ZIP disks with our local newspaper editors. They are using Power
>> Macs, and the disks I receive from them contain crippled file-
>> names but a resource.frk directory. It would be very interesting
>> to have the zip disks read/writeable with the MacOS fs. Will that
>> be supported in the near future?
>As for the kernel supporting the MacOS filesys (I think it's HPFS or HFS,
>isn't it? Anybody?) , it would be rather difficult, since you have the
>two-forked files to deal with in the transition--in this case, any support
>would probably turn out to be similar to PC Exchange--the two forks split into
>their own files.

The kernel supports HFS (that's its name) in 2.1.something (forgot the
Alan merged it in and 2.1.85 has HFS support). For 2.0 there's the HFS
module as Alan pointed out. You can chose between a couple of Linux
representations of the
resource fork data at mount time (CAP, netatalk, double FWIW) which all
store the resource fork data in special subdirectories, like the PC
Exchange format does.

His problem was the crippling of file names, and I think I've seen the correct
file names with mtools (at least when exchanging data with a new Mac).
Would be the easiest way if it works ...


P.S.: Alan, have you patched in asun's fixes to HFS? They're not in 2.1.85 ...

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