Re: Menuconfig bug

Michael Elizabeth Chastain (
Mon, 2 Mar 1998 16:07:21 -0600

Hi Jakub,

> Menuconfig does not check properly if defconfig has allowed values in it,
> although make config works properly.

You are right.

> IMO, menuconfig should put up a big fat warning that defconfig is bad
> (with a mail address of port maintainer to report it), or at least write
> .config correctly.

For a mail address, I think the port maintainers should edit the
arch/*/ files and put their names and e-mail addresses at
the top, just like any other source file. They can also put them in
arch/*/defconfig, although some maintainers may generate these files
automatically so that it would be more work for them to hand-edit
these files.

Menuconfig is a big tangle so some things are easier than others.
I think I can patch the output functions to issue a diagnostic and
always write a correct .config file.

(Note to Regis: this means we should not simply read arch/$ARCH/defconfig
as a source file, because we should parse the scripts before setting
defaults. Setting defaults should check the existing types and ranges
so we can give diagnostics at a better time.)


Michael Chastain
"love without fear"

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